Нетривиальные интервью - это как award. Недавно отвечала на вопросы для любимых So White Label.
Получила удовольствие ❤

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Владеющие английским могут прочесть репост текста интервью ниже ⇣
photo by Nastya Gooz

| Creator of @ Artelle Studio | 

1. Three key things to fill any white space?
1) Canvas with magic indian motives/fringed carpet.
2) 'Everywhere-i-go set': aroma incense sticks, tiny candles and copper pot for masala tea.
3) Hi-quality audio system.

2. White sands or urban lanscapes?
None. The jungles :)

3. Day or night?
Sunrise over the big city and sunset into the ocean.

4. Black and white 'must-have'-s?
'Black tie' dress code for all tall bearded    men (oh I wish it was their casual).
White cotton semi-transparent maxi dress with sophisticated ornament.
Black Manolo Blahnik (one day, please, be mine).
White Converse, always and forever.

5. Small secrets of woman's 'white magic'?
 Always follow the Moon 

6. 'Black' side of you?
I sometimes wear high heels and cherry lips in the daytime, say harsh words and offer sarcasm for dessert.

7. Your own kind of a 'little black dress'?
Either genuine Chanel or boho-styled.

8. What kind of white lie do you accept?
The one that sounds like vibes of good music only. Oh lie to me, if it does.

9. Who is whiter than white for you?
God. And albino tiger from Sri-Lanka Zoo.