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Сегодня все благодарности уходят Antonina Litinska за ее предложение ответить на пару вопросов о жизни и вдохновении. Заодно появился повод опубликовать зимние снимки чудесной Kate Fellini на крыше одесского Пассажа в изумрудном платье @nimblescissors


По такому случае, и английский вспомнился. Вспоминайте и вы :)


How have you decided to do what you do? 

I believe that everything is energy. Those invisible thin threads that you and me are made of. And the whole world around in all its’ greatness. 
The day you look inside yourself - you can definitely hear soft (but still hearable!) voice within, your inner flow of energy, your own unique vibes.

If you keep yourself as a pure «transmitter», if you rely on your Inner Self, if you can surrender to it - you will not get lost. From this moment, no need to wonder who you are, what you should do, should you continue your job or quit it, what is your calling... Just sit still and listen. There’s always something that you already do, smth that you can neither stop nor leave behind, smth that always goes first, what fills you with exquisite energy, what makes sense to your existence. So that is the key.

Mostly, the key is just «paying attention», you know.

Start doing that thing with whole heart - and it awards you with filling your days with divine creative flow. Then you kinda «rise and shine». Then you start to leave your dream. 

PS. And dreams tend to change. So please be flexible, be open.


What is your inspiration?

Inspiration is «in between the lines» to me, you know. If you are not overwhelmed with all the rubbish and stress of everyday life - you’ll get it for free just from everybody and everything. But if you feel there’s no space available - then detox your life. 

Because miracles only happen to those who have enough space for them, uhh.


How are you looking for inspiration in life's routine ( and do you actually need inspiration every day)? 


I am trying to regard every act as a meditation. It sounds pathetically, but in fact it just means to be aware of what you are doing, to keep your attention at «here and now». Then your every single routine move can be a great game (or even a drama - whatever you like), a source of Life, a song of glory.


No routine stuff - only magic, only the unstoppable dance of life :)





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